8 Top Tips for running great 121s with your people….

20 May 19

* Fix a time and don’t change unless you really must. They’re a priority

* Make them 60-90 minutes every month but can be more frequent.

* Prepare.

* Start with how they are, personal development, then learning from challenges/successes, then the work and objectives.

* It’s their time, not just yours so listen and ask open questions

* If they ask for advice, start with “what would you do?”

* If you’re giving advice and feedback remember it needs to be timely, well delivered (as the recipient best receives it) and accurate.

* Make notes and record actions


I commissioned Norman to help embed our new values across our hospice and head office sites.  He quickly understood the challenges we faced and was able to identify the practical and achievable steps necessary to build on our values in order to improve engagement and performance throughout the organisation.  In doing this he quickly gained the confidence of our staff and had great professional credibility with our leadership team.  His work has enabled us to put our values at the heart of all we do.

David Burland – CEO, Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice Care