Case Study – Delivery of a Workforce Plan for NHS Medway CCG

20 December 17

NHS Medway Clinical Commissioning Group wanted to accelerate progress on their local model of the Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP).  One of the main barriers to quick progress was the absence of a detailed workforce plan to deliver their local model.

In response, Caroline Selkirk, NHS Medway CCG Accountable Officer, commissioned Gallanach to develop the necessary plan.  The aim was to produce a workforce plan for services to elderly frail patients at locality level and across the whole Medway system.

The Gallanach team pulled together existing analysis of the likely service demand.  They worked with local clinicians, service leads and researched tested models to produce a service model that met the particular requirements of the Medway healthcare system.  From this, the activity required to meet demand was calculated.

Now the demand and activity was known, the Gallanach team designed a fully costed workforce plan to deliver the new service.  The plan identified roles and numbers for the range of services needed down to locality level.

“Gallanach quickly got to grip with what had been a difficult task for our NHS Medway team.  They worked very effectively and professionally with all the relevant stakeholders.  They tested their thinking with my team and adapted the plan in line with local needs.  I now have an excellent workforce plan that enables us to progress our Medway model.”

Caroline Selkirk, Accountable Office, NHS Medway CCG


Norman was commissioned to assist the Naval Families Federation as we embarked on a comprehensive review of our strategy. He is a skilled facilitator and helped us to ensure that the whole team’s input was heard and valued. His input gave us confidence in our approach and put us in a strong position to take forward work on our theory of change, and ultimately to deliver a coherent strategy to take the organisation forward.

Bridget Nicholson – Head of Strategy, Naval Families Federation