Gallanach Charity Services

19 September 17

It’s a tough time for charities. Income generation is increasingly difficult and competition is ever fiercer.  The long period of austerity has greatly increased demand for charity services but the resources to deliver these are more difficult to find.

Against this backdrop, charities must be focused on what it is they want to achieve.  They must also ensure they are productive and competitive whilst never losing sight of their purpose and values.

Our service to charities supports senior leaders to put in place all the elements that build successful futures but also minimise the risk of failure.

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1. Ensuring Good Governance

Governance is the way that organisations are managed at the highest level, and the systems for doing this. Good governance in charities is fundamental to their success.

We work with charities to ensure they practice good governance. We do this through:

  • expert governance reviews;
  • recommendations for improvement; and,
  • support with implementation.

2. Improving Board and Senior Team Performance

Board leadership, behaviour, culture and overall performance is critical to a charity’s success.

In addition, the senior team must translate the vision and strategy set by the board into organisational success.

We help improve board and executive performance through:

  • group and individual performance reviews;
  • improved team working through building trust and shared purpose;
  • goal setting, measurement and review.

3. Creating Vision, Mission and Values

Most charities have a clear sense of what it is they want to achieve. However, many have not turned this into a crystal-clear vision, mission and values.

Successful organisations have a distinct vision for their future, a mission that sets out how they will do it and values that define the behaviours required from their people.

We help charities to create:

  • a vision that sets out a compelling and achievable future for their organisation and beneficiaries;
  • a powerful mission that defines how they will operate; and,
  • the values and behaviours their people must exhibit to achieve success.

4. Strategy Review and Development

Charities understand the importance of strategy. Even so, many struggle to fully evaluate their strategic options in light of the changing word around them. Many more don’t execute them well.

We live in challenging times which means charities must have strategies in line with their vision but that also reflect the realities around them.

We support charities to:

  • carry out strategic reviews, consider strategic options and help boards select the right one;
  • create plans to deliver and monitor strategy; and,
  • implement strategic options such as turnaround and merger.

5. Merger and Turnaround

Too often, charity mergers result from financial distress or operational difficulty. Merger should be seen much more as a strategic choice to preserve the purpose of the charity.

If identified early, future problems can be minimised through a turnaround plan thus avoiding the pitfalls of insolvency.

We work with charities to:

  • advise on merger as a strategic option;
  • manage a merger plan from selection of targets to completion of the merger;
  • creation and delivery of turnaround plans.

6. Organisational Development

Good governance, inspirational leadership, clear vision and a sound strategy are all necessary for success.  But without people in the organisation working effectively and productively together to a common set of goals, that success will not be achieved.

We support charities to design organisational development strategies that;

  • ensure people have clear, relevant goals and achieve them;
  • improve individual and team performance;
  • ultimately build a committed and productive workforce able to deliver strategy.

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I commissioned Norman to help embed our new values across our hospice and head office sites.  He quickly understood the challenges we faced and was able to identify the practical and achievable steps necessary to build on our values in order to improve engagement and performance throughout the organisation.  In doing this he quickly gained the confidence of our staff and had great professional credibility with our leadership team.  His work has enabled us to put our values at the heart of all we do.

David Burland – CEO, Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice Care