Great HR is more than a back room function

15 March 18

Many business leaders see HR as a back room function responsible for writing employment policies, administering staff and dealing with performance and conduct issues.

All important stuff, for sure.

But great HR people do so much more than that.

Great HR people help organisations maximise the performance of their people to achieve the company vision and goals.

They challenge leaders at all levels to be outstanding, knowing that better performance is always achieved through people.

They identity and deliver the specific and evidence based organisational support and development that people and teams need to excel.

They help provide purpose and meaning for people at work.

How great is your HR?


Norman’s pragmatism and no-nonsense approach has kept the Charity going long enough to ensure the multi-million pound asset we have, can be used for the purposes it was designed for.

We went through some difficult times but with Norman’s insight and support we secured a merger and the future now looks much more positive.

Steven Clarke, Chair, Smile Support and Care