The importance of vision

16 April 18

Why is company vision important?

Well, a carefully composed and compelling vision of the future is at the heart of every successful organisation.

Whatever the size of the company, the vision communicates the ultimate organisational goals. It serves as a powerful tool to motivate and guide employees and to engage customers and stakeholders.

Equally important, it provides a framework for strategic decision making and goal setting across the company.

It does this by defining rationally what success will look some years ahead and connects people at an emotional level with the core purpose of organisation.

Factoring in organisational purpose is key to crafting a compelling vision. Staff and customers will build stronger ties if they can connect on both a rational and emotional level. The best organisations bring meaning into the working lives of their people, starting with vision.

But remember, profit alone is insufficient. There must be a more meaningful call to action.

It’s not an easy task to create a compelling vision for your organisation. But taking time and care to do it well might just be the first step to greater success.


As an experienced CEO and Director I know the importance of having a strong Board Chair to provide strategic leadership and direction.  Norman provides this leadership in abundance but also fully understands the need to give support and space to the management team for them to succeed.  He is prepared to make difficult decisions and will lead on resolving difficult issues when necessary.

Mike Stevens – Ex CEO, London Welsh Rugby Club