Blue Skies Ahead

01 October 16

After months of deliberating I’ve finally taken the plunge. On Friday 30 September I left my job as Director of Systems and Impact at Family Action to launch Gallanach.

I’d worked at Family Action for nearly seven years but in the last year felt increasingly unfulfilled. I knew I needed a new challenge but couldn’t work out what it was. When the realisation came that I needed to set off on my own to test out some of the ideas I’ve developed over the last few years the clouds started to lift and the rays of sunshine warmed my back

But even then the deliberations swung back and forward as I weighed up the risk (mortgage, family, 7 year old son) and the reward (independence, ideas, no commute). In the end it was an easy decision. “What’s the worst that could happen?” my wife Catherine asked rhetorically. “If it doesn’t work just go and get another job”. With my anxieties now laid (partly) to rest, and my zest fully reinvigorated I handed in my notice and here I go.

I now have a business plan, accountant, company name, CRM, website in development, branding, business bank account and IT. More excitingly I’m working with some great partners to turn big ideas in commercial reality.

I don’t know for sure how this will work out although I’m confident it will be a success. What I do know is that as I approach my 50th birthday and have glimpses of the latter years of my life ahead, taking on new, exciting challenges and a few risks will keep the clouds at bay and the sunshine warm on my back.


As an experienced CEO and Director I know the importance of having a strong Board Chair to provide strategic leadership and direction.  Norman provides this leadership in abundance but also fully understands the need to give support and space to the management team for them to succeed.  He is prepared to make difficult decisions and will lead on resolving difficult issues when necessary.

Mike Stevens – Ex CEO, London Welsh Rugby Club