Chairing Meetings Toolkit – Updated with guidance on chairing remote meetings

01 April 20

Most managers spend a significant amount of their working time in meetings.  Given their prevalence, most organisations provide remarkably little development support for chairs to ensure meetings are a productive use of time.  Indeed, many managers waste time in unproductive, lengthy and, sometimes, unnecessary meetings.  Organisations that ensure meetings are focused, productive and time efficient will not only improve the value of meetings, they will free up management time to deliver priorities.


The purpose of this toolkit is to provide structures and techniques to chair meetings effectively. There are a variety of tips, tools, examples and structures in the toolkit to improve your ability to chair and maximise the effectiveness and enjoyment of meetings.  You can use it as a manual to work through as you prepare, deliver and reflect on meetings, or when thinking about specific challenges you may have.


The toolkit is split into three sections; planning, delivery and follow up.  There is some overlap between each but applying this structure will improve your overall approach as a chair.


You can download it here.


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