Delegating and Decision Making Toolkit

11 March 20

Most managers delegate and make decisions every day. Sometimes, these can be vitally important for the long term wellbeing of the organisation.   Given the importance of making sound decisions and delegating effectively, most organisations provide remarkably little development support.


The purpose of this toolkit is to provide structures and techniques to delegate and make effective decisions. There are a variety of tips, tools, examples and structures  to improve your skills in both areas.  You can use it as a manual to work through as you prepare, deliver and reflect on decisions and delegating, or when thinking about specific challenges you may have.


You can download it here.


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Gallanach got to grips quickly with the challenges faced by the Directors Group, both as individuals and as a team.  From this they identified the practical steps required to build the cohesion and performance of the team as we strive to lead the organisation to achieve our bold vision.  The workshop they facilitated was not only very useful in building the team, but also interesting and enjoyable.

Marcus Davey, CEO, Roundhouse