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We run regular live digital workshops for charity trustees. 

We run live digital workshops to help trustees master their roles and give leadership to their charities in this new era of remote working.

Workshops are broadcast live on Zoom and available to watch on catch up here.

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The Strategic Trustee

Are you a charity trustee who has found it challenging to make a powerful contribution at Board meetings, especially when it comes to strategy?

Has the move to digital working made your role as a trustee and discussing strategy even more challenging than before? 

Maybe you’re not familiar with working on strategy, daunted by the concept and feel less able to contribute than other members of the board.

You’re not alone. Many trustees find it difficult to contribute to strategic planning and review items at board meetings.

However, strategy is not as challenging as it might seem.  With some straightforward tools and guidance, you can easily build your understanding and ability to contribute really effectively.

This workshop is titled The Strategic Trustee. We’ll focus on how trustees can think and act more strategically, making them confident and able to discuss strategy at board. 

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