Gallanach Board Development Service

21 October 19

“There should be a formal and rigorous annual evaluation of the performance of the board, its committees, the chair and individual directors” UK Corporate Governance Code, July 2018


“The board reviews its own performance and that of individual trustees, including the chair. This happens every year, with an external evaluation every three years. Such evaluation typically considers the board’s balance of skills, experience and knowledge, its diversity in the widest sense, how the board works together and other factors relevant to its effectiveness”  Charity Governance Code


All organisations want success. However, success requires great leadership and especially so from the board. Boards define the purpose, determine the strategy, manage the risks and set the culture of organisations.  To do this well and create the platform for organisational success, boards must strive to perform at the highest level possible.  This needs continual reflection on how they can work more effectively.

Gallanach supports boards in all sectors to perform better through a range of board development services.  The services are led by Gallanach MD Norman Blissett, an experienced board member, Chartered Director, Fellow of the Institute of Directors and Fellow of the CIPD.

All our services are tailored to the needs and budget of the organisation.

1. Governance Review


Comprehensive review of your governance arrangements including the suitability of the governing document, board and sub-committee structures, decision making processes, risk management, schemes of delegation and an assessment against the relevant codes and best practice.  From this, we can make recommendations and plans for improvement.  We can also support the implementation of recommendations and plans.

2. Vision, mission, values and strategy


The board is responsible for setting vision, mission, values and strategy.  We can assist the board in formulating and deciding on options for each of these key elements of setting organisational direction.


3. Board Performance


We help boards to carry our performance reviews of the whole board and of individual board members.  The aim of these reviews is to identify areas of performance improvement, collectively and individually, to improve the quality of board leadership as a whole.  We will recommend actions for improvement and can support their delivery through, for example, skills workshops, individual and team coaching.


4. Board Facilitation


We are experienced at facilitating board workshops and away days, covering subjects from strategy development to improving board dynamics.  We adopt a high support, high challenge approach to our facilitation, bringing our experience and knowledge into the discussion where appropriate and guiding the board towards the necessary actions.


5. Development Support for Chairs, Non-Executive Directors and Trustees


We can provide coaching and mentoring for individual board members to support their personal and performance development goals.  We can also provide practical skills and knowledge-based support for both new and experienced directors such as at induction or following a board performance review.


We work with organisations in all sectors.



Norman was commissioned to assist the Naval Families Federation as we embarked on a comprehensive review of our strategy. He is a skilled facilitator and helped us to ensure that the whole team’s input was heard and valued. His input gave us confidence in our approach and put us in a strong position to take forward work on our theory of change, and ultimately to deliver a coherent strategy to take the organisation forward.

Bridget Nicholson – Head of Strategy, Naval Families Federation