Invest in your front line leaders, now

14 July 20

Front line leaders are now more important than ever.

They have always been the critical interface between an organisation and its people. How well they lead their people and teams will often determine the success of the organisation.  

The Covid-19 crisis has elevated their importance.  With so many people working remotely, it is largely down to front line leaders to support individuals and teams through the dramatic changes and ensure they maintain focus, performance and wellbeing.

And yet, so many organisations are still failing to invest in these leaders.  Developing the key leadership skills of front line leaders was often lower priority pre-covid.  Now, as we’ve been thrust into a digital world, developing the skills and behaviours of these front-line digital leaders, must be placed in the high priority category.

Organisations who invest in their front line leaders will be taking big steps towards a successful future, whatever path this pandemic follows.

If you want to find out how best to develop these digital leaders in this new world, drop me a line at


Norman’s pragmatism and no-nonsense approach has kept the Charity going long enough to ensure the multi-million pound asset we have, can be used for the purposes it was designed for.

We went through some difficult times but with Norman’s insight and support we secured a merger and the future now looks much more positive.

Steven Clarke, Chair, Smile Support and Care