The Rise of the Digital Leader – Coming Soon

13 September 20

Are you a new or inexperienced leader or one who finds leading their people challenging especially when working remotely?


If you’re one of these leaders and you spend most of your time on emails, attending relentless video meetings, writing reports and keeping your to do list just about under control, then you’re focusing on the wrong things.


You should be prioritising time with the people in your team.


The route to great performance is through your people.  You probably know this already, but the pressure of work and the need to attend meetings means the quality time you know you need to spend with people in your team is just not happening enough.


That quality time should involve two way, meaningful 121 meetings where you focus on development, setting and reviewing motivational goals, giving powerful feedback, performance and wellbeing.  Quality time also include time with the team, creating and building a culture where people can thrive.


You can’t achieve that unless you prioritise this time.


And you’ll not become the high performing leader you want to be.


For sure, the move to remote working makes leading people more challenging than it was.  Maybe you always found it tough to lead your people, to help them perform better, to give difficult feedback when things went wrong.


Now you’ve become a digital leader you’re probably finding it harder still.  Maybe, you’re avoiding the challenging parts of being a leader like not giving feedback when you know you should because you’re worried about doing it remotely.  Even though you know the problem will just get worse.


But now is the time to change.


Now is the time to become the digital leader your team needs.  To prioritise your team.


To invest in yourself as a digital leader.


That’s why we’ve created the Rise of the Digital Leader.  To enable you to thrive as a leader in this digital world and, in turn, to ensure everyone in your team excels.


So sign up now for notice of when the Rise of the Digital Leader goes live.




I’ve worked with Norman for nearly seven years and have seen first hand his ability to think and act strategically while at the same time setting high standards for operational delivery.  He fully understands how to support the development of a high performing board and get the best out of people in the workforce.  We’ve worked together on some difficult issues and Norman has always impressed by his ability to find practical, viable and successful outcomes.

Bryan Portman – Non Executive Director, Moss Bros & Chair, Family Action