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Become an Outstanding Manager and Leader in this Digital World

Transform yourself into a highly engaging, motivational and inspiring leader of people in our new era of remote working.


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You know that leading your team should be your biggest priority, but why does it feel so tough?


Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You’re in back to back online meetings day after day with zero energy, a to-do list as long as your arm with no time to think about your big objectives, strategy, developing yourself and your team
  • You're struggling with workload but find it difficult to delegate as you worry about the impact on your team even though it makes life more difficult for you
  • Some of your team are difficult to work with, maybe even the team is dysfunctional, and you don't how to deal with it
  • Deadlines, targets and objectives are being missed and you don't know how to get it back on track
  • You get fearful and anxious about giving feedback and having difficult conversations, especially remotely, so often avoid them
  • You spend too much time dealing with a few of your neediest staff while feeling guilty about the lack of attention on the rest


You're not alone!

Chances are, like most leaders, you're experiencing one or more of these scenarios.

But it doesn't need to be like this.

That's why we've created The Rise of the Digital Leader


Imagine if...

  • You're delivering on your priorities AND giving excellent leadership to your team
  • The work is under control, team performance is good and you're feeling great about yourself as a leader (where did that imposter syndrome go?)
  • You're dealing confidently with difficult behaviours and giving feedback without the stress and anxiety you felt before.
  • You're spending quality time with each of the team, helping them to fulfil their work and career ambitions and doing the same for yourself
  • You've time to plan for the future, ensuring that you hit these big goals
  • You're seen as a model leader in the organisation

All while working remotely and in the office.

We'll show you how to make this transformation.

What do you get?

  • 5 online video modules covering the essentials of leading people with toolkits, workbooks and links to resources to support learning
  • Live and interactive group coaching sessions to delve deeper into the modules, discuss case studies and answer questions
  • Drop in sessions to ask questions and seek solutions to your leadership challenges
  • Bonus digital workshops on topics such as dealing with difficult behaviours, resilience and wellbeing and leading change
  • Short how to guides for learning top ups
  • Private community chat function to build a peer support network and access support when you need it

In short, everything you need to excel at leading your people. All on a dedicated, private website you can access 24/7.

Meet Norman Blissett, Managing Director of Gallanach

"I created The Rise of the Digital Leader, to help transform managers and leaders into experts in leading their people.  Too often, I've seen dedicated and committed leaders struggle to lead their people really well.  

It can be tough to lead people, especially now in the digital world.  But with support and guidance you can get much, much better.  That's what we do in the Rise of the Digital Leader."

Why is Leading People Important?

We believe it's the most important part of a manager and leader's role.  

The route to great performance, for you and your team, is through people.  

Without the skills to understand how individual team members work and the ability to adapt your style to inspire their different needs, you won't succeed.

The Researchers Agree

"Better performance is correlated with better better management." Better management increased productivity by 28% and doubled profits.(World Management Survey)

"The need for digital leaders has never been so urgent". (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)

Here's what people are saying about the Rise of the Digital Leader

Declan O'Regan

"Just wanted to send a quick thank you note for the space on the Digital Leader course now we’ve reached the end, I’ve found it really enlightening and more than I could have hoped for if I’m honest when I first asked HR for some line management training!

As you know operating as a formal line manager is something I’m quite new to, but I very much plan to build good habits based on the resources and discussions from the get go and refer back to the course as challenges arise!

This programme comes highly recommended from me."

John McNab

"I’ve found the Rise of the Digital leader to be a great learning experience.  I’m an experienced manager but the content and style of the programme was very valuable in improving my people management knowledge and skills, particularly as we’re mainly working remotely.

The bite-sized videos and tools provided lots of practical advice and techniques for me to use and I can come back to them easily at any time.  The group sessions were a great format for sharing knowledge and experience with other delegates and provided a safe way of getting the support and advice I needed. I’d thoroughly recommend this programme to other managers."

Sandra Hancock

"The programme provided an excellent opportunity to understand some of the essential skills I need to develop to become a good leader. It was also an opportunity to share any current issues in a safe environment, supported by Norman and my colleagues. Would thoroughly recommend this particular course."

Andrew Forbes

"The course was engaging, thought provoking and informative. I learnt a lot of useful information and practical knowledge that has already been put into practice at work and in daily life. I would highly recommend the course."

Access The Rise of the Digital Leader Today

Access the Rise of the Digital Leader Today

What if you're really busy and don't think you have the time to complete the programme?

"The Rise of the Digital Leader is ideal for very busy leaders who don't have the time for a traditional development programme.  

You can access it when you want and work at your own pace without any loss of quality learning that you can apply back in the workplace.

In my experience, there's never a perfect time when work is quiet. Your personal development is important so why not take action now, rather than waiting?"

Take a look at one of our tools from Module 1 

The user manual for me is a fabulous tool to help leaders gain more insights and a better understanding of their people.  Watch this clip from the programme to find out how.


Access The Rise of the Digital Leader Today

Access the Rise of the Digital Leader Today

Here's what you'll learn in the 5 core modules

1. Leading Individuals

Understand your motivations and those of your team so you can lead your people to better performance and wellbeing

2. Deliver Powerful Feedback

A step by step guide that will enable you to give powerful feedback and hold difficult conversations without fear and anxiety

3. Leaders as Coaches

Build the transformational skills of coaching to accelerate your team's performance, development and boost wellbeing 

4. Creating a High Performance Culture

Find out how to model values, run great 121s, set an inspiring team culture and reward great performance 

5. Leading a High Performance Team

Discover the essential factors that define high performing teams and how to recreate them in your own team

Hear more from our clients

"Cannot think of anything to improve the session. Excellent workshop."


"Although I regularly attend meetings, both formal and informal, I found the information and toolkit really useful."

"I just wanted to send through a quick thank you for the training yesterday very insightful and thought provoking."

"A really well-run session providing space to think and plan.  Thank you very much."


"To repeat my thanks for yesterday’s session.  The session has given me a really usefulset of hints and tips– thank you."

"We received great feedback on the course material delivered as always."


"Really enjoyed the content today and thanks for being patient in a not so ideal environment.  Loads of valuable tools to utilise, thanks for sharing the presentation and docs."

Access the Rise of the Digital Leader today. 

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PLUS - All our programmes have a 30 day no questions 100% refund guarantee.  (Although, we've never had to refund a client)

The Rise of the Digital Leader Video series is now available

Access all the video modules, documents, toolkits and workbooks from the full programme for only £179.

Everything you get in the full programme except for group coaching sessions.

Ideal for managers who want all the learning material to access in their own time and can't commit to the group coaching sessions.

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