Discover the power of "thinking for yourself with rigour, imagination and courage. Every day. In every meeting.  In every interaction."

(Nancy Kline)


Most managers struggle to find the time and space to think clearly and effectively.  Join our FREE 60-minute interactive webinar to experience a range of techniques and tools to clear your mind and sharpen your thinking powers.

When: Monday 18th January at 12pm GMT (UCT+0)

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Live Webinar

Discover a a range of techniques and tools, drawn from best practice in coaching and leadership development.

Expert Facilitators

Led by our expert accredited and qualified coaches and facilitators, Jane Garnham and Kate Weiler.

Peer Support

Join peer groups to further develop listening and question making skills, working as peer learning groups.

If you are a new or experienced manager working with teams or you have a role related to people development or learning and development, this webinar is for you.

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by virtual working?
  • Finding that clear thinking is more difficult?
  • Struggling to make good decisions efficiently?
  • Keen to learn different ways to listen, think, and be with your colleagues and teams?

The effectiveness of your thinking is key to the plans and action that you take, as Nancy Kline said.

“Some facts are chilling. Consider this one: the quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. It is chilling because its implications are enormous. The key implication is that there is nothing – nothing—more important in developing organizational effectiveness than ensuring that people think for themselves with rigor, imagination, and courage. Everyday. In every meeting. In every interaction.” Nancy Kline 2017

Does this struggle to think well and clearly leave you worried and anxious about the quality of your work and your ability to be an engaging, empathetic and outcomes focused leader?   

Maybe, you’ve tried to create the headspace to think deeply but found it even more challenging to do with all the pressures brought by this new era of remote working. 

That’s why we’re running a free webinar on thinking well. 

Join our FREE webinar.

Come along to a free taster on techniques to think well and think well together.   Our 60-minute interactive webinar will introduce you to a range of techniques and tools, many of these drawn from best practice in coaching.

What you'll discover:

  • Transform your thinking with listening pairs
  • The power of audio only
  • Thinking well together
  • The power of questions
  • Questions with no answers


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Webinar Facilitators

Jane Garnham

Jane Garnham has over thirty years working primarily in the not for profit and public / health sectors.  A qualified coach and accredited action learning set facilitator her work is driven by a passion to improve services for the end beneficiary and to ensure those delivering services and projects bring the best of themselves to work, supported and challenged through powerful and effective learning and development opportunities.

She is a skilful facilitator and listener and takes inspiration from the work of Nancy Kline, who runs Time to Think.  She is interested in helping people become more intentional in their work, developing self-awareness and tapping into all of their capabilities and talents.

Kate Weiler

Kate’s experience spans over 5 years of delivering building communities through coaching and facilitation skills.

She boasts Clore fellowship, and has worked with several high-profile clients such as Young Minds and the British Council. Kate has been running an international leadership programme for the British Council. 

Kate’s work is driven by a deep commitment to working towards social and environmental justice – working with a real, tangible impact and always learning.

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What people are saying about our programmes.

Sandra Hancock

"The programme provided an excellent opportunity to understand some of the essential skills I need to develop to become a good leader. It was also an opportunity to share any current issues in a safe environment, supported by Norman and my colleagues. Would thoroughly recommend this particular course."

Andrew Forbes

"The course was engaging, thought provoking and informative. I learnt a lot of useful information and practical knowledge that has already been put into practice at work and in daily life. I would highly recommend the course."