#TrusteeWeek Top 5 Countdown – No.1

12 November 19

It’s the Gallanach #TrusteeWeek top 5 countdown time.

Coming in at no.1 on the activities charity boards could do better is…

Future thinking

What are your long term funding prospects? What will your beneficiaries want from you in a few years time as the world changes? What might be the impact of AI, driverless cars, climate change and an ageing population?

These, and many others, are questions boards should be contemplating. Not to attempt to predict the future but rather to prepare for the inevitable change, whatever form it might take.

My view is boards should spend equal time on monitoring current performance and impact, reflecting on past and making current big decisions, and thinking about and preparing for the future.

How much time does your board spend on future thinking?


In developing a detailed workforce plan, Gallanach quickly got to grip with what had been a difficult task for our NHS Medway team.  They worked very effectively and professionally with all the relevant stakeholders.  They tested their thinking with my team and adapted the plan in line with local needs.  I now have an excellent workforce plan that enables us to progress our Medway model.


Caroline Selkirk, Accountable Officer, NHS Medway CCG