All The Tools You Need As A Leader To Deal With Difficult Behaviours And Hold Difficult Conversations.


Most managers find dealing with difficult behaviours and conversations challenging. Join our FREE masterclass and mini video series to find how to do it brilliantly, without stress and anxiety.

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Digital Masterclass

In the Masterclass, we show you how to deal with difficult behaviours and hold difficult conversations with confidence and skill.

Bite Sized Videos

Watch our bite sized video series to discover how to hold difficult conversations and deliver powerful feedback without fear and anxiety.

Always On

The Masterclass is recorded to watch on catch up.  The recording and video series are available on a website you can access 24/7.

Are you a leader who has to deal with the difficult behaviours of your team at work and struggles to hold the difficult conversations you know are needed? 

Have you found dealing with these behaviours and conversations even more challenging to deal with remotely? 

Behaviours such as… 

  • constant criticism, negative comments and body language 
  • defensiveness, anger or blaming others when you try to give them feedback about their performance. 
  • rudeness, interrupting, talking over or criticising others
  • silence and lack of contribution in 121 and team meetings


Do these behaviours make you stressed, anxious or even keep you awake at night worrying how to deal with them?   

Maybe, you’ve tried to hold these difficult conversations but struggle to do them well.  Now, you’re finding it even more challenging to do it by video or telephone especially when Zoom fatigue is setting in. 

That’s why we’ve created a free digital Masterclass and video series on how to deal with difficult behaviours at work and have the difficult conversations you know are needed but struggle to do. 

We share tools and guidance to deal with difficult behaviours and hold difficult conversations, that will completely transform your ability to help others and minimise the stress and anxiety you feel about doing it.  We’ll cover how to do this remotely and in person.  

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What people are saying about our programmes.

Sandra Hancock

"The programme provided an excellent opportunity to understand some of the essential skills I need to develop to become a good leader. It was also an opportunity to share any current issues in a safe environment, supported by Norman and my colleagues. Would thoroughly recommend this particular course."

Andrew Forbes

"The course was engaging, thought provoking and informative. I learnt a lot of useful information and practical knowledge that has already been put into practice at work and in daily life. I would highly recommend the course."